Enterprise Culture

Management Principle: Give priority to minerals business and promote common development for other industries.


Management Idea:  Energy saving, pushing forward industry develop healthily rely on technical innovation and service  of supply chain service innovation


Working Attitude: Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today

The Essence of Enterprise Culture

1、All-Win :Clients, Staff, Enterprise and Society

2、First-class management, first-class products and services

3、Teaching others is one of the best ways to learn anything

4、Challenge:  I was my own worst enemy

5、More communicate, less complain; more understanding, less argue ;

6、Mistakes is not afraid, but we refuse no acting.

7、Speaks resultfully, act effectually, once meeting always concludes a decision.

8、Attitude decides everything, details makes difference.

9、Good at communication with colleagues and good at cooperation with others.

10、To hire those who is with both political integrity and professional competence is always our employment principle.

Wereen Attitude:

Limited ability,but efforts unlimited;

Be forgiving, Do rigorous;

Passion for innovative,never give up.

Wereen Goals:

To be a esteemed company in globally with strong profitability, quick reaction on market changes and in high employee satisfaction


About Wereen Exploration and Innovation Company Strength Enterprise Culture


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