Time flies, things fleeting,the passage of youth is not what we can recover again,but you have to be brave to start a new journey of working and life.Join us,join wereen,to have a brand new life.We warmly welcome those who are young,dreaming,passionate,capable to be a member of us, to build your success in our platform.


1. Offline delivery: direct delivery at the double election meeting and presentation meeting; 

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Tel: 0532-55673088

Company Add: Room 909,Farglory International Plaza,NO.26 Xiang Gang Zhong Lu,QingDao,China.

Benefit Package: Basic Salary+Business Travel Allowance+Deparment Commissions+Annual Bonus+Insurance and Housing Fund+Telephone Charge Fund+ Holiday Benefits and Ect.

Our company mainly deals in coal,coke,cokng coals,sulphur,iron ore and minerals mining and steel materials…ect items import and export business.Hope you can join us.

To hire those who is with both political integrity and professional competence is always our employment principle. wereen ,our company always pays attention to build and reserve of talents staff. you are warmly welcomed to join the big family--WEREEN.


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Coal and Coke Sulphur and Fertilizer Manganese and Alloy Iron ore and Steel Agricultural products supply chain



Room 909,Farglory International Plaza,Qingdao,China. 0532-55673088

海南省海口市秀英区长滨西二街绿地新海岸一号楼519 0898-68552856


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