Sweet date in Cherry Hometown

Date Time:2023-05-12


On the afternoon of May 12th, Wereen's employees departed from the company and went to the cherry orchard in Laoshan District, Qingdao for picking activities. Everyone eagerly arrived at the lush and fruitful cherry tree and started happily picking together. Each plump red cherry is as beautiful as an agate. Everyone ate while picking, and soon their stomachs were full, and the box was filled with cherries. Finally, everyone returned with a full load. After picking, we went to the local farmhouse to taste local specialty dishes together.




Qingdao Laoshan is known as the "Hometown of Cherries in China". The planting of cherries in Laoshan District has a long history of over 400 years. Different places produce different specialties. The pure and sweet water quality, warm and humid climate, and fertile soil of Laoshan have nurtured high-quality agricultural products such as tea, flowers, and fruits. Cherry is one of the well-known "local specialties" among them. But cherries only have a short optimal consumption time of 2 weeks. Picking cherries takes a long time, and it is not convenient to transport them to the market for sale, resulting in very little profit for farmers. So more and more customers are choosing to go to the Laoshan Cherry Orchard for picking. Not only can they taste the freshest cherries, but they can also enjoy the fun of picking, while reducing the labor pressure for farmers.



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