Inherit the May 4th spirit, Bloom the light of youth

Date Time:2019-05-05

     In order to welcome the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement and carry forward the May 4th spirit,the May 4th square community held a forum themed "Inheriting the May 4th spirit,Bloom the light of youth"on April 30.WEREEN attened the forum.

     At the forum,Hanbo,secretary of the community party committee of the May 4th square,referring to general secretary Xi's important speech.He hoped that we could look back to history, remember our ancestors, pass on the torch and forge ahead.General secretary Xi has put forward six requirements for the young people in the new era, including setting up lofty ideals, loving the great motherland, shoulding the responsibilities of The Times, having the courage to strive, practicing hard skills, and tempering moral character.

     Secretary Han's speech made us realize the positive and dynamic power of youth.Today, as the youth of the new era, we should carry forward the patriotism of our forefathers, turn patriotism into an invisible force, and carry forward the great May 4th spirit.The era has given us the best stage,the young people of WEREEN dare to shoulder the heavy burden. 




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