Thick Blessings To The Motherland

Date Time:2019-09-30

     Whenever we look up to the Five-Starred Red Flag, every time to sing the national anthem, patriotic feelings in our hearts stirred, we will be proud of China.Because every Chinese should keep the motherland in our hearts, love our motherland, should strive for the prosperity of the motherland.

     Our China is ancient and great, our China magnificent and eternal!Today's China: industrial and agricultural production is flourishing, people's life is changing with each passing day, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, and reform and opening up are developing vigorously.Seventy years ago, our motherland lifted its wings and soared into the sky again, sending out the most heroic and heroic voice to the whole world: "the Chinese people have stood up!"Since then, a new generation has stood up.

     China is progressing and the world is developing.There is a sense of security, called "I come from China";there is a kind of pride, called "I am Chinese";there is a confession, called "I love you China"!

     Seize the opportunity to move forward, our determination is firm, our pace is strong, our voice is loud.WEREEN will make a great contribution to the 70th birthday of our great country with our outstanding achievements and fruitful achievements.WEREEN wish our country prosperity!



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